Peter Davies    K=24

Rating (E1) = 1999    Current Rating = 1979    Games = 11

FIDE ID No: 1801171


NoDateVenueEvent Res OpponentRating PtsExpTotNew
112/1/2019Bedford4NCL Div 4 The Full Ponty 5 -1 Watford 21Sean Morrell1470ECF10.90.92001
213/1/2019Bedford4NCL Div 4 The Full Ponty 5.5 -0 Check Innmates 31Tashika Arora1638ECF20.91.82004
323/3/2019NottinghamNottingham Open Rd10Aditya Munshi2158ECF20.292.091997
423/3/2019NottinghamNottingham Open Rd20William M McDougall2150ECF20.32.391990
523/3/2019NottinghamNottingham Open Rd30.5Roger D de Coverly2062ECF2.50.412.81992
66/4/2019St AlbansSt Albans Challengers Rd10.5Jeff Tomy1862ECF30.693.491987
76/4/2019St AlbansSt Albans Challengers Rd20Jessica Mellor1790ECF30.774.261969
87/4/2019St AlbansSt Albans Challengers Rd40.5Christof Brixel1870ECF3.50.684.941964
97/4/2019St AlbansSt Albans Challengers Rd51David Flynn1942ECF4.50.585.521975
1013/4/2019Daventry4NCL Div 4 The Full Ponty 1.5 - 4.5 Warwickshire Select 20.5David M Cooper2030ECF50.465.981975
1114/4/2019Daventry4NCL Div 4 The Full Ponty 1 - 4 Check Innmates 20.5David S Tucker2110ECF5.50.356.331979